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Electric storytelling to make your heart sing.

Founded by Oliver Hoare and Eleanor Yates. 

We bring together original music and bold new writing.

We love collective experiences. We believe communities need to sing and laugh and cry and dance together, in person. When people come together in the same space magic happens, sparks fly. We want to create a space for everyone. We will push the boundaries of the genre. We will bring new audiences to the theatre and take seasoned theatre goers to unexpected places. 

We want to tell old stories in new ways. 

We want to give you a good night out.

“I was completely blown away by the experience of this show. It’s like no experience I’ve had in the theatre before’”

Joe Murphy, Artistic Director of the Sherman Theatre

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Neon Candle Theatre: Bio


A Neon Candle/ Ceriann Williams/ Sherman Theatre co-production

Sherman Theatre Spring 2022

Strasbourg, 1518. A mysterious and occasionally deadly fever which forces those infected to dance, grips the streets of the city. 500 years later in South Wales, the fever has returned. Joanne Bevan, a lonely and frustrated call centre worker, finds herself disconnected from her family, her community and her own body.

One day she is visited by St Vitus, the Patron Saint of dancing, who invites her to dance away her problems. But what happens if she’s forgotten how to dance? What happens if she can’t stop? What happens if the fever spreads?

Dance to the Bone tells Joanne’s story through a beautiful and beguiling mix of new writing, live music and dance, creating a transcendent night at the theatre. Join us for this euphoric trek from the city into the woods.

We want to take you dancing. 

It’s been a while.


Written by: Eleanor Yates & Oliver Hoare

Directed by: Joe Murphy & Matthew Holmquist

Choreographed by: Krystal S. Lowe

Lighting Design by: Andy Pike

Designed by: Simin Ma

Sound Engineer/Sound Design: Josh Bowles

Neon Candle Theatre: Welcome
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