"Oliver Hoare & the Late Great manage to take a style steeped in tradition - a sort of cross-pollinated anglo-american folk music - and inject the vim of youth and vigour into its veins to produce something vital and invigorating. A tear-down-the-house force of nature"

Rough Trade

“Oliver Hoare & The Late Great sound like they have a colossal future ahead. Oliver’s songs are delicious expressionist anthems simultaneously lamenting and delighting in this mortal coil…never pretentious but always engaging. His blistering torch singer’s voice and vibing arrangements of the band make each song a show stopper… appeared on the BBC Introducing Stage at Latitude.” 

BBC3 - Late Junction's Max Reinhardt

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29th December 2019

Recorded at Soup Studios in East London at the same time as all songs from the previous record, "Fights With a Hollow Block of Wood". Originally set to be a full length album but later split in two, "Circus Fleas" was mixed and mastered by the wonderful Tom Hatfield.

Guitar, Vocals - Oliver Hoare

Fiddle, Vocals - John Beale

Bass - Adam Storey

Drums - Huw Williams

Vocals - Eleanor Yates

Accordion, Vocals - Gemma Lawrence

Piano - Barnaby Southgate 

Cover Art by Jerry Hoare - Thanks for your belief x

Additional recording at Shelter Studios in Dalston with thanks to Dominic Rippel

Finally, this record is dedicated to everyone who donated to our crowdfunded campaign all those years ago.

Enormous thanks! 

11TH JULY 2019 7:00 PM

Oliver Hoare & The Late Great will be playing on the Jazz Club stage
for BBC Introducing Berkshire on Thursday 11th July at 7:00 PM

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"The sort of band we have a tendency to speak of in the hushed, reverent tones. A magical act whose live performances steal you wholly from the world. Some say the witching hour is at midnight. Others say it's at 3am. At Folkroom, we know the Witching Hour starts the moment Oliver Hoare & the Late Great take to the stage".

Support From:

ANNIE DRESSNER - Last year's 'Broken into Pieces' marked Annie Dressner's first album in seven years - also, incidentally, the amount of time since she moved to the UK from her native New York and first came to our attention at Folkroom. We're thrilled to have her back - particularly when her music is as full of joy and life as it ever was. Annie's music is rich with melody and bright pop hooks. You're gonna love her.

THE SPARROW DOWN - Drawing on traditional and folk-revival muses, The Sparrow Down are making exactly the sort of folk music we want to see more of right now. Towing the line between innovation and tradition, the duo have found a sound that feels like home - not just for them, but for anyone listening. We'll take that happily.

THE ALVAREZ THEORY - Warm folk songs with a distinct tendency towards storytelling. That's what you come to Folkroom for, right? The Alvarez Theory are made for you. Their music is a dark river that will pull you in and sweep you along. When it lets you go, you'll go straight to looking at how you might dive right back in.







We're really spoiling you here - one of the rarest treats we've had at our gigs over the years, Oliver Hoare is unlike any musician we've ever seen. Most frequently spotted in his acting day job - you might have seen him as Dave Davies in Kinks musical Sunny Afternoon - Oliver's music is at once grandiose and intimate - a battle cry for love, sung just for you.



A voice like honey, and some of the most beautiful songs we've ever heard at our gigs. We often say that Michael Garrett is that perfect mid-point somewhere between Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. His songs are three minute wonders in their own right, but we might encourage a thematically appropriate cover or two as well...


WOLF HALL - Local folk is increasingly one of our favourite things about our Folkroom by Sea gigs. Brighton duo Wolf Hall are working to a theme, and there recent songs imbue songs about the English Civil War with a touch of Dylan and Nebraska-era Springsteen. Now there's an unexpected love match for you.

DANNY HORN - And hey, look, as an added bonus we're throwing in another terrific act. In fact, Danny was the Ray to Oliver's Dave in Sunny Afternoon. His own music instantly grabs you by the scruff of your neck - bright, conversational folk music!